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The Department of History recognizes the importance of the job placement process for graduate students. Several resources are available to support graduate students as they enter a search for an academic position.


The Department of History established an agreement with to provide application materials to potential employers. Graduate students should contact the Graduate Secretary for information to establish their Interfolio accounts. Students must list the University of Illinois as their affiliate and use the 'special offer code' so that the Department of History will be charged a one-time fee for membership and additional services. The department will not reimburse any student who does not contact the Graduate Secretary prior to setting up the account.

Please visit to learn more about all the benefits of dossier management and electronic job placement services. You will find frequently asked questions and details explaining the various options and services provided. In addition to establishing a file for writing samples, CV, and resumes, Interfolio will deliver confidential copies of reference letters and transcripts which are recognized as official by receiving institutions. Unless requested by the search committee for open positions, application letters should not be sent through Interfolio, since these are personalized and should arrive with your signature.

Placement Workshops

Each semester the Department of History offers a series of placement workshops for graduate students who are entering the job market. Contact the Graduate Secretary for more information about dates, times and locations. These faculty-led workshops provide graduate students the opportunity to share their job search experiences, discuss challenges and successes, and develop a support network during the job search process.

Topics covered in the workshops include: searching job application websites, navigating Interfolio, coordinating letters of recommendation, writing letters of application, developing writing samples, and compiling a teaching portfolio. For more information about compiling a teaching portfolio click here: Teaching Portfolio

Those graduate students who receive an invitation to give a job talk as part of the application process will have the opportunity to give a practice talk to faculty and students in the department. This provides the job candidate an excellent opportunity to practice the presentation prior to the formal interview. At the end of the presentation a question and answer period provides the candidate ample opportunity to practice the content and to receive feedback about the presentation.