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Letter from the Chair


With over 50 faculty members and the resources of one of the world’s great research libraries, the History Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers outstanding opportunities for graduate study. In the classroom and through their dissertations, our students are able to explore and combine an extraordinary range of topics, themes, and time periods.

A rich array of methods courses and research seminars allows students to familiarize themselves with historiography while developing their own research interests. Colloquia, reading groups, lectures by visiting scholars, and other events keep the Department abreast of cutting-edge lines of research. Throughout the year several department-sponsored workshops provide forums for students to develop dissertation topics, prepare grant proposals, polish thesis chapters, practice job talks, and sharpen interview skills.

An active History Graduate Student Association also provides workshops and a chance for students to forge networks across cohorts and research interests. Graduate Students also have the opportunity to enter the classroom as teaching assistants, and on occasion as lead instructors, allowing them to develop a competitive teaching portfolio. As a result, our students regularly win national and international fellowships and grants and have an excellent placement record.

Our goal is for every Illinois PhD to leave our program with the research record, teaching experience, and professional training necessary to succeed in the academic job market and beyond. Welcome to our Department - have a look around!